Running Wardrobe: Boyzone 20th Anniversary Tour

Wendy Benstead runs a studio in London that makes exceptional garments for film, TV, theatre, bridal and couture. Over the holidays, Wendy was involved in the Boyzone 20th Anniversary tour. I recently had the chance to ask her about life on the road- a behind the scenes look at the world of wardrobe.

Tyranny of Style: You recently wrapped a tour with Boyzone, can you tell us a bit about how you became involved with them?

Wendy Benstead: Previous to this tour I had mostly only done wardrobe for film, TV and a few music videos and theatre productions, this was my first music tour. I met another wardrobe supervisor on a job for Paloma Faith, who is a long-term client of mine, and we became friends, she was offered the Boyzone tour but was unable to attend, so she asked me to fill in. This isn’t my usual line of work, but it was a great opportunity to try my hand at something slightly different! I was introduced to Michele, who has been Boyzone’s Wardrobe Manager for a while, and she offered me the position of Wardrobe Supervisor for the four-week ‘BZ20’ tour.

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