Rockstar Lavender – Blog of Miss Aniela, Artist

This year has reminded me that the momentary experience of life is more important than anything, the old cliché, ‘you can’t take it with you’. Matt and I, even though we’re years apart, both find ourselves defining the value of money ultimately by how much adventure it pays for. This is the same year we became parents – a fact more the cause of, not despite, that realisation.

2015 has been relatively quiet for good reason. In April we had a daughter, and my dream of holding a live healthy child squirming in my arms came true. After the loss of our son in 2013, our first thought was wondering whether we could bear a healthy child, and the fulfilment of that hope would be enough to fill this entire post. Through the year I have journalled our journey of pregnancy, birth story and joys of new parenthood with a ‘rainbow child’ – a child after loss. Closing 2015, I have revamped this blog and given it a new name. ‘We dressed him in his lavender outfit, and I’m talking real, rockstar lavender’, Matt wrote of Evan two years ago when we said goodbye, and the delightful juxtaposition of those two last words captures the fusion of crunchy yet cool lifestyle that we went on to pursue with even bigger hearts.