Inspirational Women Today: Meet Costume Designer Wendy Benstead

I’m super excited for this edition of Inspirational Women in their 30s as I’ve known Wendy for a long time and she is AMAZING at what she does and so inspirational. It must have been around 6 years ago I met Wendy (if my memory serves me correctly) and she made a fair few costumes for me when I was signed as the recording artist, ‘Reeson’. And oh what fun we had! Check out a few of the Reeson costumes below. She has such a great eye for what will suit your body shape. (The monkey costume was for a music video!)

Since the Reeson times Wendy has gone onwards and upwards, in a major way. Lady Gaga anyone? Yes! She has worked with her among many other famous names. Not only is Wendy super talented, she is one of the loveliest people you would have the pleasure of meeting. So without further ado, here we have the gorgeous Wendy telling us the highs and lows of starting her own business as a Costume Designer…

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