The Daily Mail: Can you tell a £4,600 silk wedding dress from one made out of Loo Roll?

Can you tell a £4,600 silk wedding dress from one made out of LOO ROLL? The bizarre new trend for toilet paper bridal gowns

  • In the U.S., the strange new fad for loo roll wedding wear is booming
  • A New York bridal boutique hosted a toilet paper wedding dress contest
  • The craze is catching on too with loo roll designs being a cheap alternative
  • The folds of delicate fabric wrap softly around my hips and billow from my waist in a cascade of spectacular ivory ruffles. Silky to the touch, the bustier has a flattering sweetheart neckline, while the skirt feels as light as air, twirling gracefully as I walk.

    Beside the dress is another, identical in appearance. This drapes softly over my curves, enveloping me in a candy-floss cloud of white. The bodice glides around my hips, nipping in at the waist and pooling at my feet in a tumble of velvety fabric.

    Both wedding gowns look perfect — the sort of outfit a fairytale princess, or the most fashionable of brides, might don for their special day. The fit is elegant, the shape exquisite, the appearance nothing short of show-stopping. But one is not all that it seems.

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