The Team

The Team

Wendy Benstead, Creative Director

wendySince establishing her business, Wendy has worked with high profile clients and brands to build an impressive reputation as an all-encompassing costume and clothing service. With a keen understanding of marketing and visual representation, Wendy is able to lead projects for commercial clients to create brand aware clothing for advertising, as well as being able to work closely with designers in both screen and stage to ensure excellent design interpretation. Since graduating from her ‘Costume For The Screen And Stage’ degree in 2006, Wendy’s path has seen her work in well- established costume companies, gaining experience in cut and construction.
She has subsequently acquired her own client base to ensure she now has a team of highly skilled staff who as a whole have cemented their place as a trustworthy, reliable business to design and create high quality garments across any industry.

Wendy enjoys film, with a specific interest in film noir, sci-fi and art house, and in her spare time finds great pleasure in attending galleries and exhibitions within the fashion and costume world. Her design icons include Alexander McQueen, Eiko Ishioka and Vivienne Westwood.

Contact Wendy directly: or call 07763 842253

Joscelyn Webb, Head Maker

Joscelyn Joscelyn graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2011 and continued her studies there for a further two years, completing her Masters Degree in Costume in 2013. During this time, she competed in the World of Wearable Arts Awards, and as a finalist, was given the VIP treatment when she travelled to New Zealand to see her hand-made piece in the live show.

Joscelyn gained experience in the industry by becoming a costume stand-by and freelance maker. She made the move to London from her home town of Winchester to work as an in-house seamstress at another leading costume house. In 2018 she felt ready for a new adventure and joined the team as Head Maker at Wendy Benstead Costume and Clothing. Her skills as a cutter and expert pattern drafter position her brilliantly at the head of the company. Her passion lies in draping on the stand and creating period silhouettes.

When she’s not making costumes Joscelyn is a keen boxer and spends her spare time kicking ass!
Contact Joscelyn directly: or call 07450 863477 

Phoebe Gale, Senior Maker

Phoebe Phoebe’s passion for costume stems from her love of classical musicals and an interest in independent theatre, which was nurtured from a young age by drama companies in her home county of Cornwall. After being awarded the Costume Interpreter Award for her year, Phoebe graduated Arts University Bournemouth with a First Class degree in Costume and Performance Design. She has undertaken a number of exciting internships and placements, including at the Royal Opera House, the Oxford Playhouse, and two Kylie Minogue tours.

Phoebe has a love of historical costume, and has used her pattern drafting skills to replicate period pieces exactly. She has also translated this penchant for historical detail into an aptitude for intricate textile and surface embellishment, including sequinning and beading.

Outside of the studio, Phoebe is a talented cook and a keen reader. She is also dedicated to making as many of her own clothes as possible, in order to decrease her environmental impact whilst cultivating a more personal relationship with what she wears.

Contact Phoebe directly: or call  or call 07864 047956

Emily Ryan, Senior Maker

Emily Whilst studying at the Arts University Bournemouth, Emily’s final major project played a key role in the Costume course being awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for world class excellence and achievement.

After graduating in 2016, Emily enjoyed being a costume stand-by for television and a dresser for numerous theatre productions, while taking on ad hoc work as a costume maker for a local theatre. Following her passion for garment construction, she was snapped up by Wendy after a stint of freelancing for the company, impressing with her great skill and accuracy. Emily prides herself on her attention to detail and particularly enjoys corsetry and period womenswear. She is looking forward to learning more about patterning and building her construction repertoire with the variety of projects that come through the Wendy Benstead doors.

Emily is a regular at Museum exhibitions, a devoted mother to myriad houseplants, and continues to be crafty with her love of crocheting.

Contact Emily directly: or call  or call 07875 956047