Sourcing and Styling

Styling and Sourcing

With an excellent understanding of period, character, design and look, the team can also be available to style and source costumes to create the perfect look for any theatre production, TV show, or commercial. We can create a wardrobe for a production on any scale.

  • Outstanding insider knowledge on where to source specialised garments
  • Aptitude for characterisation through clothing
  • Perceptive knowledge of how to create era, atmosphere or story through clothing
  • Budget awareness and cost cutting without compromising on look
  • Costume Supervision:, Time management, shopping skills and full looks covered

Our skilled Design Team have fantastic way of working closely with directors, writers and producers to understand the script, and breakdown the requirements of costumes to create successful wardrobe looks for screen or stage.

Whether you need a few key costumes for a small production or shoot, or an entire wardrobe sourced and styled, we can create the look required for any production’s specific needs.