Wendy Benstead: Costume and Clothing

“Wendy helped me to create a costume for fantasy convention; this was a replica of an outfit worn by a literary character. The team overcame complexities in finding the fabric, buttons (and feathers) with the right colour and texture that could also be tailored; and I also received some tactful feedback to help improve the design. The costume became exactly what I was looking for and after several fittings to make minor adjustments, it fitted me perfectly.”

Ga Lok Chung, Costume Client 


“Wendy and her team did brilliant work on our space costumes! They interpreted our drawings with both artistic flair and wearable practicality, and kept the costs very much to what she’d predicted. We were able to make a real splash when we unveiled them, and when we wore our costumes so often they needed repair, Wendy did a great job of fixing them. I’m very grateful to Wendy and the team and I hope to work with them again!

 Sarah McIntyre, Children’s Picture Book Illustrator


“Thank you Wendy Benstead for bringing my dress design to life, choosing you was the best decision I made for my wedding! Working with Wendy was a breeze! She listened to all my ideas and advised me on a variety of fabrics available that suited my design and where I could purchase them. Her work is truly beautiful and my handmade gown was the talk of all our guests and even bought my husband to tears as I walked down the aisle! Having a dress realised from a simple sketch that I drew, that no other bride in the world would be wearing was an incredibly special feeling, one that I will treasure. Wendy’s keen eye for detail, movement and fit, resulted in a gown that was not only flattering, but comfortable to wear throughout my special day! The whole experience was a joy from 1st fitting to final piece, thanks for creating my beautiful dress I just wish I could wear it all over again!”

Sapphire Kelly, Bridal Client 


“Wendy and her team applied their magical costumier skills to create my dream dress and make a ‘Picture Book Wedding’, as described by one of our guests. I had gone to Wendy with my ideas and designs about how I envisioned my dress, and with expert skill, and such acute attention to detail, Wendy and her team made my designs a reality in the form of the most beautiful red sparkly dress that turned heads, prompted gasps of admiration, lots of audible “Wow”s down the aisle, and even brought tears (in a good way) to peoples’ eyes. Through out the day I had countless requests along the lines of, “Could you just turn round a minute and stay still whilst I photograph the back of your dress?…” It really was such an unbeatable hit, and you and your amazing team made that possible-THANK YOU!!!”

Chantal Francis, Bridal Client


“Working with Wendy Benstead on my Production was a dream. She and her team excel at both beautifully crafted period precision, and modern creative interpretations which, when in combination, I’ve found to be ordinarily a challenge for specialist costumiers. The confidence and clarity with which they interpret designs and solve problems to a designers needs is remarkable at every step of the process, from material selection to finishing buttons and beads. I couldn’t be more thrilled with our costumes, and the confidence and comfort they gave to our cast whilst capturing the uniqueness of the designs.”

Samuel Wyer, Designer; The Games Afoot


“Wendy stepped in and saved the day for me when my wedding dress was ruined by amateurs at the dress shop making alterations. Wendy identified every mistake and shortcut they’d made, which reassured me that I wasn’t just being a bridezilla. She was so helpful and took charge in not only fixing the dress (which required the entire top half to be remade) but being instrumental in decisions about design and fabrics that I was unable to make in the short timeframe and given the distance I live from London.
The dress was absolutely fantastic on the day and everything I wanted it to be.”

Katy Baker, Bridal Client


“My dress was even better then I had imaged. Wendy and her team had taken my crude sketches and verbal descriptions and created my perfect wedding dress. It was so comfortable and durable too.”

Emma Smales, Bridal Client